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In 28 Minutes, Discover The Secrets That Transformed The Lives Of Thousands Of Traders:
  • Every Step Of The Triple Sync Logic Method Has "ETCHED-IN-STONE" Rules That You Can MASTER In 30 Days
  • ​My 3 Simple Rules & My 3 Simple Charts That QUALIFY Every Single Trade
  • ​You Will Learn How I CAP MY LOSERS At Just 7.5%, Yet, Do Not Put A Limit On Profits
  • How To Know The Exact Price To ENTER, MANAGE & EXIT Your Trades (Most Traders Don't Have a Clue Once They Click "BUY")
  • ​How To Move Your Stop To BREAK-EVEN, Putting You In A "CAN'T-LOSE" Trade As Quickly As Possible
  • ​What NEVER To Do At The Beginning Of Each Market Session (This Rookie Mistake Is Responsible For Big Losses Right From The Start)
  • The 5 BEST STOCKS We Teach Our Students To Trade Everyday Over and Over 

Who Is Todd Rampe?

Hi, I’m Todd Rampe — I'm an ordinary guy and a passionate trading educator with 21 years of experience, who had the good fortune to meet a phenomenal trader that became my personal mentor. He taught me the incredibly lucrative world of trading stock options, the exact same way I want to teach you. 

With his help and guidance, I got rid of all the useless, redundant "off the shelf" indicators that come with every charting platform, because, frankly, they do more to confuse us than show us good trade setups that you can rely on for consistency.

Of course, it's easy to build up your account balance when you are right more than wrong, and that's why I took what he taught me and turned it into a dependable software program that virtually anyone can learn to use, the "Triple Sync Logic" software. 

Today, I’m going to show you how it works — and how you can start using it, too!

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